Friday, December 23, 2016

The Girl Scouts

My mother was a Brownie Leader and a Cadet and Senior Girl Scout Leader, the cookie mother, the fund raiser mother, you name it, she did it.  I think they told her that in order for her child to be in the Girl Scouts, she had to be a leader.  And so she did. 

We made ashtrays with stamps as the design and felt backing; we also made a water blotter for stamps out of a pill bottle with a sponge sewn to the cap, and everything imaginable out of a bleach bottle; another time she had us crocheting rugs.  I remember when she was the cookie mom, we had a garage full of cookies.
But, the thing that stands out the most in my mind was when I was on the Senior Planning Board and we were planning a camping event and I couldn’t get enough chaperones. My mother hates camping and sleeping on the ground.  But she had become troop camp certified along the way and volunteered to go along on the trip. Even though it was pouring rain and cold all weekend and she was sick as a dog, she came and she stayed in a tent and slept on the ground and we couldn’t have done it without her.  These limited words really don't do justice to the love she gave me and this gift of belonging to something greater than myself. 
My mother gave me the Girl Scouts and being a part of the Girl Scouts saved my young life

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