Friday, December 23, 2016

Josephine Marceline DeBuysscher DeYonker

My mother, Josephine Marceline DeBuysscher DeYonker was born December 25, 1931 in Denderhoutem, BE and died October 14, 2016 in Clinton Township, MI.

My mother was many things to many different people. She was a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister-in-law, a friend, a business woman running a bar so her children could have food on the table, she was an inspector for the shopping news, a saleswoman at Jacobsons; she had us deliver telephone books to earn more money; she sold real estate; she was a Girl Scout leader, Cookie Manager, Auction presenter, a Cub Scout leader, a bowler, a golfer. She was the head of her MS Caregivers Support Group. She served on the board of her Condo, was an usher at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts; she did Pet a Pet with her puppy, Tootsie. She was a Belgian meeter upperer, a caretaker and the Queen of the Deal. 

For me, she was a profuse story teller and a prolific letter writer and full of pithy sayings.  Around the time I was 11, we used to sit on the porch of our house on Alter Rd late into the night where she would tell me about her life, her family and her friends. Starting from the first time I went away, which was to camp in 1967, she wrote me copious amounts of letters. I still have most of them. After the advent of the computer and less expensive telephone communications and perhaps her busy life as a caretaker of my dad, the letters dropped off, except for birthday and holiday greetings. Those old letters and stories bring her alive for me so as a tribute to her, through a series of stories and reminisces and later when I have more time, her letters, I am going to tell you what I remember about mom and her life. 

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