Friday, December 19, 2008

Free Food--the beauty of receiving.......

In joking with my friends, I tell them I like to go to various events and meetings and even parties because of the free food. And, I do love the free food...but, this isn't really the whole story. One of the perks of being a cancer survivor is the many organizations that offer services and support, as well as the free food. And I am fortunate enough to have found very good support throughout the course of my cancer treatment both pre and post care. So, the support group that I attend through the CEW was having it's annual holiday luncheon and we were invited. You know, for some reason, I didn't understand the entire scope of the organization until the luncheon, so when I walked into the Waldorf Astoria, I was blown away. Yes, I said the Waldorf Astoria!

The CEW Foundation 2008 Beauty of Giving Luncheon - benefits it's program Cancer and Careers . They support employees with cancer and the people who support them-companies, coworkers, caregivers. They do this through community outreach programming, the Elizabeth Jerrett support group for cancer survivors and interactive online career coaching for employees with cancer. CEW also funds their Managing Through Cancer Pioneers program which helps employers face the challenge of cancer in the work place. This year's major sponsor was Self magazine; the event honored the Estee Lauder companies. There were of course many other sponsors too numerous to mention on this blog, but if you click on the link to the luncheon you will see them all mentioned.

There were well over sixty tables seating ten people each. It was beautifully decorated. Everyone looked great. The speeches were short and to the point, yet very well done. Get away vacations seemed to be the theme for the live auction, which was a hoot to watch in action. Finally, the video promoting the organization--on huge screens in the four corners of the room. And now we are all stars! Much more important than the free food, don't you think!